Monday, March 1, 2010

Summer Abroad Program: British Child Lit

Classics of Children’s British Literature 6 semester hours in ENG 497 or 597Dr. Jameela Lares, The University of Southern Mississippi
This course will explore British children’s literature in its rich historical and geographical context. Course activities will combine the reading of literary classics with visits to the actual places which generated them and with presentations on various aspects of literature by noted British specialists. Speakers in former years have included such well-known figures as Brian Alderson, Mary Cadogan, Jenni Calder, Pat Pinsent, Brian Sibley, Gillian Spraggs, Ann Thwaite, and Nigel Wood. We will visit fantasy sites in Oxford associated with Lewis Carroll, C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, and more recently with Harry Potter; cross Pooh Bridge in Milne’s Ashdown Forest; find traces of Long John Silver in Stevenson’s Edinburgh; and look for Peter Rabbit in Potter’s Lake District. In London, we will explore the appeal of Dick Whittington to city apprentices four hundred years earlier; walk about the maritime world of Greenwich Village and think of Jim Hawkins sailing to Treasure Island, visit the Old Royal Observatory and experience a child’s wonder of having a foot in each hemisphere at the Greenwich Meridian, and see Kensington Garden to understand how J. M. Barrie could find Peter Pan in the magical park across the street. Throughout, we will look at how various texts are constructed as literature and how they reflect historical, cultural and psychological realities. Although the course will be organized around a literary understanding of the texts, we will also look some to the fields of education, bibliography, and entertainment.

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